• If you want outstanding communication, if you want your calls returned, if you want a polite and professional businessman who does great work at a very fair price, you NEED to call Nick at Kamataris.
    — Debbie, Ashland, MA
  • I have had Kamataris Landscape and Lawn Care as my landscaper for 2 years now, and I have to say that I have been blown away with the relationship Nick and I have formed.
    — Laurie and Mark, Ashland, MA
  • “Now who would expect a plow to show up while you were hopelessly stuck in your car trying to get up a snow- filled driveway? Well along came Nick Kamataris in his plow truck. Nick, whom I had never met before, helped get me out of a snow drift. As though that wasn’t enough, he then plowed out the driveway.” “Nope, you can’t pay me,”, said Nick. “I was just glad to help.”
    — Frank, Grafton, MA
  • Nick's honest, quality of work and responsive crew are something that is becoming ever more rare when it comes to choosing a company to take care of your home - if you like honestly, a fair deal and a good product ... call Nick.
    — George, Ashland, MA